About Us

We understand the significance of Human Resources in your organization, as it serves as a crucial platform. HR professionals play different roles to safeguard and enhance the growth of your business. 

Our esteemed colleague, Michelle Burgess, is an accomplished professional who has earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Healthcare Administration, Human Resources Management from Franklin University. With more than 15 years of experience in the field, she is the President and CEO of Diverse HR Consulting, located in Jacksonville, FL. Her expertise ranges from providing best practices in human capital planning, resolving employee relations issues, conducting HR audits, and delivering management consulting. Her outstanding career highlights attest to her competency and dedication to ensuring the prosperity of your organization.

Career Highlights:

  • Bachelor of Science (BS), Healthcare Administration, Human Resources Management, Franklin University

Michelle Burgess, BS, SHRM-CP

Key Accomplishments 

Established the Human Resources Department as Subject Matter Expert for a client, which doubled in size in six months. Scaled practices and policies include payroll, taxes, EE relations, and high-volume recruiting. Structured a new benefits plan, including bidding between brokers for 150 employees. Structured a new 401K plan yielded better company and employee investments.

  • Saved company more than 50% in administration costs while improving employee services by enhancing best practices; determined more significant gaps, created customized handbooks per state, assessed benefits, and pulled out of PEO in phases.
  • Improved processes by creating business plans and presenting ROI savings and benefits to leadership; trained managers and employees on new programs, initiated competency performance-based plans to help develop careers, and transitioned the company from PEO to independence.
  • Supported innovative culture by promoting new initiatives such as learning and development, training, employee engagement activities, and career progression plans.
  • Created manager training on compliance issues such as harassment, interviewing, bias, and diversity after analyzing risk, reviewing historical data, and predicting growth.
  • Explored better candidates, improved retention, and improved talent by analyzing high turnover rates and hiring recruiting experts to create protocols for sourcing, interviewing, and time guidelines.
  • Ensured cost savings, better compliance, and better experience with a more user-friendly system by patiently persisting with C-Suite buy-in for months.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction with benefits by finding a broker to help navigate new open enrollment.
  • Protected the company against future litigation while thoroughly investigating HR issues by placing employees on leave while investigating accusations to reduce allegations of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation.
  • Developed change management initiatives by ensuring that projects were effective, efficient, communicated and continuously improving.